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RadøyGruppen is a complete fabrication, construction and integration service supplier.
At our base location we fabricate and construct all types of modules and equipment for the energy industry.

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RadøyGruppen produce complete and complex equipment for the energy industry.

Subsea units such as manifolds, pumping stations, SURF units and ROV tooling are in our track record. Among topside deliveries you will find  power modules, E-houses and process modules.

RadøyGruppen– we are in the heart of the Vestland region at the westcoast of Norway.

Our modern quaysides and sheltered waters are ideal for loadout and shipment of equipment worldwide. All our activities are carried out indoor in modern well-equipped buildings. There are dedicated and segregated areas for the different services to secure quality and efficiency. We have a dedicated surface treatment center  is indoor and climate controlled. This means that we can operate all year around regardless of weather conditions. For internal transport of heavy units, we have developed a method to handle units up to 1000T. Indoor crane capacity is 200T. We have a fully equipped machine shop on site with lathes and mills. Critical components will be verified in our dimensional control laboratory. At our SolutionSpace we are equipped to carry out a number of tests and simulations. Function test, site integration test SIT, factory acceptance tests FAT, extended factory acceptance test EFAT, and proof tests. Our own developed system for safe execution of pressure testing is flexible and ready to use.

RadøyGruppen AS

Vetåsvegen 181, N-5938 Sæbøvågen

+47 56 37 16 00


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At RadøyGruppen we take care of the manufacturing and delivery of your projects.

Our workforce consists of highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our track record has given us valuable experience and insight in what it takes to manufacture and construct equipment for the energy industry.

We have inhouse project and engineering teams well suited to assist or even execute entire projects.