At RadøyGruppen you find the services required to execute a project within the energy sector.

From machining of the smallest components to structures up to hundreds of tonnes. We have key personnel with experience and skills to match the level of quality and effectiveness you need to secure a good project execution.

On our main site we have a substantial machineshop, a well-equipped construction prefab area and 8000m2 of indoor construction area for structures. For corrosion resistant alloys we have about 1500 m2 of dedicated piping workshop.

Our  3600 m2 solution spaces is suited to handle corrosion resistand alloys, CRA. The solution space is is pressurized tempered, and has a total overhead cran capacity of 200T. It houses site offices and wardrobes for client and 3rd party workers.

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Our strength lies in our history, our people and our capacities.

The shop floor teams are comprised of highly experienced people who have been with us for many years. They are teamed with young people with modern mindsets. Our technicians are welders, platers or CNC operators.

In our engineering department there is a high percentage of personell with certificate of workmanship. This is particularly importantas as we are in the executing end of the business. Early engagement in projects has shown to give the best results in cost reduction and risk mitigation.

RadøyGruppen is a family owned business, last year we had our 50th anniversary.

In the beginning the founder Mr. Olav Ståløy and his partner Mr. Alf Hamre rented a portion of the local dairy at Manger, not far from where RadøyGruppen is located today. The prime motivation was to create something for themselves, and to build an industry where there was none. Throughout the first years, work was scarce, and an efficient operation emerged from the small margins.

After the oil industry came to Norway there was room for scaling up the business, and the activity was moved to new and modern buildings. The number of employee’s increased, and spinoffs began to form. Cargo handling systems for ships came about, but the simple and efficient mindset still stuck with us. After some years, building structures and executing projects became even bigger, and the need for proximity to shore became evident. A second move happened in the late 1990s and it is here RadøyGruppen still lies to this day.

Now we can ship packages up to 1000T and handle several projects at once. Still with the efficient mindset of executing the work as we did from the very beginning.

Our vision is Rise to the Challenge, it reflects our attitude and the desire and ambition that started RadøyGruppen more the 50 years ago.

Our vision encourages us to step up and to do what is expected. As it comes from our history, we can use it to shape our future.  It is beyond doubt that the indusrty as we know it today, will change more in the coming five years than it has done the last 50 years. Our vision remains and RadøyGruppen will Rise to the Challenge.

Our values are Safe, Cooperative and Forward Looking.
We are a safe employer, a safe supplier, and we shall cooperate with all our stakeholders. And most important we have our eyes set on the future.

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