Fabrication & outfitting

– Excellence in steel construction

We build and outfit your steel constructions. In our large workshop we assemble, outfit, test and verify your equipment. Our skilled workforce has a great deal of experience with assembly and outfitting.

Besides steel constructions we provide:

  • Tubing and orbital welding
  • Piping fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Testing and verification

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– Close at hand

Our engineering team has a hands-on approach. Radøygruppen’s experienced engineers oversee the fabrication of your projects.

We optimise your design to save costs and reduce schedule risk in your project.

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– Turning your profit

We are equipped to handle all kinds of materials. Give us your drawings and specs and the parts will be custom made for you in no time.

Our versatile machine shop ranges from small lathes and mills to large machining centres.

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Surface treatment

– Safeguarding the future

High-quality surface treatment is the key to keeping your lifecycle costs as low as possible.

RadøyGruppen’s surface treatment specialists have in-depth knowledge of the techniques and requirements needed to paint your structures.

Our surface treatments adhere to the Norsok M-501 system 1-7 and Xylan standards.

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– Protecting your assets

Securing thermal efficiency, safety and sustainability – we perform technical insulation on buildings, offshore and even subsea installations.

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