Assembly, testing and Solution Space

The last phases of any project are often the most challenging, it’s when components come together, and systems are integrated. It’s when push comes to show.

At RadøyGruppen we have a tools, provisions and opportunities to safely wrap up assembly and testing. RadøyGruppens Assembly building is available for rental of space flexible to match your project requirements.

RadøyGruppen proudly offers our SolutionSpace to the market. This is a new and flexible model to offer you cost efficient and safe integration and testing scopes.

Our Solution Space is indoors, year-round climate controlled and well lit, offering a clean and tidy environment suitable for clean assembly. The facility area is total of 1800 Square meters, 60Lx30Wx15H, and can be split up into several smaller areas according to your needs. We have available two cranes with  100T SWL.

The facility is well suited for performing FAT, EFAT and SIT, and for inviting clients for witnessing of tests. We have equipment for load testing up to 125 tonnes and 4 weighing cells at 400T total, with possibility for COG measurements. There are also equipment and personnel for pressure testing available.  We have torque equipment and calibration tools. For oil quality sampling we have a PAMAS particle counting system.

Hydraulic tubing and other small bore tubing SBT lines are made and welded in the solution space. SBT is welded by orbital welding machines, either with or without filler depending on base material.

You may choose to have your own personnel and technicians working in our facilities. RadøyGruppen has a team of technicians that are ready to assist full- or part time, depending on requirements. Our personnel are experienced in assembly and installation work. Key personell are certified in a number of different methods. For example assembly, analysis, pressure testing and surface treatment. Our supply chain is available to you, should anything be needed.

Our NDE partner is always on our premises and have a wide selection of conventional and advanced NDE methods are at your disposal.

Pressure testing is a challenging task to perform safely. RadøyGruppen has developed a system for a safe execution of high-pressure proof testing

It is a combination of three stages of risk based mitigating actions. First stage, the system and procedures are reviewed, the potential energy of the system is carefully analyzed and reduced to its minimum. Second stage, a set of protective measures are set up according to output from the analysis. Third stage, barriers are set up to safeguard people and assets in the event of a failed proof test.

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HSEQ is vital to our business and we have experienced personnel on site assisting in order to ensure your work is carried out in a safe and practical manner.

We are also prepared to assist in documentation and verification. Your components can be tracked through every step of the process, from entering our gates to you finished component leaves from us.

RadøyGruppen takes pride in all the stages of fabrication and manufacturing. All our inhouse services such as machining, structure fabrication, piping fabrication or surface treatment can be used either as a single service or in combination. We will use our well proven business management system to ensure specified quality in each step of the process. RadøyGruppens quality system is ISO 9001:2015 approved by DNVGL. In addition, we are certified according to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 3834, EN1090-2 Level 3 and ISO 26001 CSR ladder step3.

Attention to process and documentation is incorporated in the organization and your components will be tracked through every step of the process, from entering our gates to you finished component leaves from us. Either as a semi finished product or a finished tested system. All activities are tracked and documented to secure timely delivery of hardware as well as documentation.
At Vetås all our equipment and verification systems are readily available should it be required along the process. This ensures a safe and efficient execution of the scope of work you should place with us.