At RadøyGruppens surface treatment facilities we have extensive experience in surface treatment and corrosion protection.

Our indoor facilities are all year temperature and climate controlled. This means that we can apply coating systems 24/7. We have broad experience with complying to offshore and subsea standards and requirements. We can provide various paint systems complying to NORSOK M 501, system 1, 4, 6 & 7 as well as Xylan (thermoplastic type PTFE) treatments.

In order to ensure the correct quality on our surface treatment we have high focus on the preparatory work. We perform sandblasting with sand circulation and de-greasing as well as traditional mechanical cleaning with e.g. power tools in order to ensure the correct surface roughness prior to application of the protection system.

Quality control

We perform quality control of all provided coating systems according to the specific requirement. We execute the CTP (coating procedure test) according to NORSOK M 501. The tests are performed and validated by our certified and FROSIO Level 2 inspectors.

We have sub-contractors to perform other advanced types of surface treatment, as galvanizing, metallizing and acid pickling.

RadøyGruppen takes pride in all the stages of fabrication and manufacturing. All our inhouse services such as machining, structure fabrication, piping fabrication or surface treatment can be used either as a single service or in combination. We will use our well proven business management system to ensure specified quality in each step of the process. RadøyGruppens quality system is ISO 9001:2015 approved by DNVGL. In addition, we are certified according to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 3834, EN1090-2 Level 3 and ISO 26001 CSR ladder step3.

Safety and efficiency

Attention to process and documentation is incorporated in the organization and your components will be tracked through every step of the process, from entering our gates to you finished component leaves from us. Either as a semi finished product or a finished tested system. All activities are tracked and documented to secure timely delivery of hardware as well as documentation.
At Vetås all our equipment and verification systems are readily available should it be required along the process. This ensures a safe and efficient execution of the scope of work you should place with us.

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